Business Structure Set Up

Set up a business hassle-free with our expert help!

The most common way to start doing business in Australia is to register a new company. There are about four business structures that are frequently used in Australia:

  • Sole trader
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Trust

It is essential to thoroughly be aware of the responsibilities of each business structure because the business structure that you may select is going to affect on:

  • The taxes that you are liable to pay
  • Your asset security and protection
  • Costs
You are not bound to any business structure and as your business changes, you can also change your business structure.

At H&T Accountants we provide Small Business Tax Services through a ‘help me decide’ tool that can assist you in selecting the business structure that is as per your requirements along with the registrations that you should think about. We provide individual & small business accountants and tax agents to support businesses in order for them to actively manage their stand and secure their interests. Our skilled professionals have adequate technical knowledge to turn any business around along with the industry knowledge to guarantee you with long-term success throughout a wide range of sectors.

Our Small Business Tax Services are well designed as we believe that the business structure should balance out your short as well as long term objectives, success plans, prevailing taxation laws along with any future establishments, accessing the privileges of restricted liability compliance as well as regulatory considerations and lastly the risks of doing business.


You are assured of implementing the optimal structure when you work with a trusted, and experienced business specialist. Our team of experts includes a Certified Turnaround Professional, Licensed Insolvency expert, former valuation experts, and industry executives along with investment bankers.


Effective structuring of new businesses helps with:

  • Access to funding options along with operational efficiencies that can help in the growth of your business as you strive to achieve your goals and to maximize your wealth
  • Giving confidence to your business structure set up in the most tax-efficient manner both in the short as well as the long term
  • Minimizing your compliance costs
  • Transitioning the ownership in the case of family business succession
  • Risk minimization along with asset protection

Therefore you see, when you put stakes on us, you are relieved of all these responsibilities, none of which is that easy. This itself says how beneficial hiring a sole trader business accountant is if you are a sole trader.

Contact our experts today and get our expert advice on your business structure set up!